Which Ice Cream Flavour Best Describes Your Relationship

Which Ice Cream Flavour Best Describes Your Relationship

Whether it is that one person in your life who transforms your life into a dreamy movie or a tub of ice cream, Valentine’s Day is one such day that you simply cannot spend alone.

Baskin Robbins has been quite the match-maker even in the past, pairing two flavours to give you an absolutely unique flavour. This time, we’re here to pair you with the Baskin Robbins ice cream flavour that best describes your relationship!


1. The Contraries

The age-old expression of ‘opposites attract’ is fairly true when it comes to relationships. If you like to order in and your other half likes to go out and about town, painting the town red. The opposite nature helps to maintain balance and harmony. If this sounds familiar, then the Baskin Robbins Chocoberry Love perfectly describes your relationship. The sweetness of the chocolate helps balance the sourness of the raspberries. The perfect combination of berries and chocolate–a match made in ice cream heaven!


2. The Sweethearts

If you are the destined-to-be-together couple, then you are the Baskin Robbins Bananas & Strawberries ice cream, the romantic marriage of bananas and luscious strawberries. Your friends and family always knew you’d end up together since it was berry obvious! You are absolutely bananas about each other and in it for the long haul.


3. The Go-Getters

If you are both extremely determined and resolute to go out and get a gold medal in life, your relationship is the Baskin Robbins Gold Medal Ribbon. You are both a powerhouse of distinct talent just like this ice cream is the perfect medley chocolate and vanilla, two very diverse flavours. Go conquer the world with happyness with a tub of this delightful ice cream!


4. Nutty Together

If you both love doing absolutely crazy, impromptu things together then you are the nutty couple. You love a spontaneous road trip or simply a good laugh over the silliest things. If the goofiness is something that makes your heart beat, then the Baskin Robbins Honey Nut Crunch ice cream perfectly describes you and your honey! This honey-based ice cream is something that’ll get you and your honey lots of happyness with an unexpected nutty twist of praline coated almonds to keep the madness alive!

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Featured Image Source: Feasting At Home