Things You Didn’t Know About Waffles

Things You Didn’t Know About Waffles

Do you consider yourself a waffle specialist? The king of all breakfast foods, the waffle is exceptionally versatile. You’ll be surprised to know that the origins of waffles date back to the medieval ages where they were prepared using two metal plates over a fire. Read on to know more about things you didn’t know about waffles.

1. Medieval Origins

Waffles have been a staple breakfast treat for us. They have been around since the Middle Ages & the first ever waffle recipe appeared in Le Menagier de Paris, a French guidebook for women in 1393 for successfully running a household.

2. The Waffle Wars

Waffle sellers popularly called ‘wafereres’ were put under restriction when it came to selling their tasty treats. They were only allowed to sell the flat cakes during special occasions. If this wasn’t bad enough, the competition between the vendors was so high that quite often, things would get violent on the streets.


3. Largest Waffle In The World

The largest waffle ever weighed 50 kilograms and was over 8 feet in diameter. It was made in the Netherlands by Stichting Gouda Oogst in June 2013. That is one BIG waffle! All it needed was a big scoop of the Baskin Robbins Vanilla ice cream, don’t you think?

4. Two Waffle Holidays In A Year

As it turns out there are two days in the year dedicated to celebrating the existence of this popular food item. 24th August is celebrated as Waffle Day in U.S.A. & Sweden officially celebrates its National Waffle day on 25th March.

One thing is for sure, waffles still remain our favourite treat even if they originated in the 14th century. Head over to Baskin Robbins right now & choose from our wide variety of waffles. We promise these will bring you lots of happyness.

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Featured Image Source: Telegraph