Things You Didn’t Know About Mississippi Mud Pie

Things You Didn’t Know About Mississippi Mud Pie

As we trace the origins of our ice creams, it is almost like tracing the history of happyness .The Mississippi Mud Pie is a traditional chocolate based dessert that has is likely to have its origins in the state of Mississippi, U.S.A. This decadent treat consists of a fudgy brownie-like base with marshmallow crème and oodles of chocolate sauce to finish it off. Let’s have a look at things we bet you didn’t know about the Mississippi Mud Pie in one Mississippi..two Mississippi..

World War II

1. World War II

Historians believe that this recipe was born in the kitchens of North America post World War II due to its simplicity and the fact that it didn’t need any special cooking tools. The home cooks used humble ingredients found in any supermarket. Hats off to them as we can’t get enough of this scrumptious dessert till date.

2. Mississippi: The River Of Molten Chocolate

Often referred to as ‘chocolate lasagna’, this dessert is said to have its origins on the banks of the Mississippi River. After all, it truly resembles the river as the dessert is topped with rivers of dark fudge sauce.

3. It’s Muddy Good

The Mississippi Mud Pie is a chocolate lover’s dream come true. At Baskin Robbins, we can satisfy your craving for this muddy wonder with the Baskin Robbins Mississippi Mud ice cream an ooey-gooey marriage of milk chocolate ice cream with chocolate brownie bits. It is muddy good!

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Featured Image Source: Food To Love