The Best Ice-Cream Combinations You Must Try

The Best Ice-Cream Combinations You Must Try

Happy flavours make happy people. At Baskin Robbins, it is all about the Happyness of ice cream. ‘It’s time to grow up’, says who? We can all agree that mixing sodas as a child was a delight. Let’s revisit that childhood joy with some ice cream flavour mixes! We all know the difficulty in selecting two ice cream flavours at the counter. You want to taste everything, but then again which flavours will go well together? Till today it remains a hard decision. Say goodbye to the confusion, join us as we take a look at some ice cream combinations that work wonderfully well.



1. Mississippi Mud + Mint Milk Chocolate
First up we’ve got a bold flavour flip with a combo of Baskin Robbins Mississippi Mud and Baskin Robbins Mint Milk Chocolate. Close your eyes and dissolve into a sinful dark indulgence before the unique mint wakes you up! A minty delight to top off the whirlwind experience only to leave you craving for another bite.



2. Black Currant + Cotton Candy
We’ve got a fruity cream team here in the form of Baskin Robbins Black Currant and Baskin Robbins Cotton Candy! Get ready to feel like a kid again with this combination of two classic flavours. These timeless scoops have brought endless joy for years and we only want to continue spreading it! With this, we promise a large dollop full of Happyness.



3. Banana Caramel + Malted Chocolate Fudge
Scoops, we did it again! We’re always experimenting, searching for the new flavour of the season. And we stumbled upon a combination that just works! The Baskin Robbins Banana Caramel and Baskin Robbins Malted Chocolate Fudge is truly unique. We guarantee Happyness in every bite!

Did you hear about today’s forecast? Clear skies and sunshine, with a chance of sprinkles. Well, if you head down to the nearest Baskin Robbins store, we can promise the sprinkles!

Featured Image Source: JC Penney