5 Delicious Ice Cream Toppings

5 Delicious Ice Cream Toppings

At Baskin Robbins we’re always looking to top the ice cream experience. Because there is no limit to happyness! Do you ever find yourself struggling to decide which ice cream topping to go for? Should you get some Oreos or chocolate? Should you drizzle it with hot fudge or butterscotch sauce? These are tough decisions that never seems to ease. Ice cream as it is, is a delicious treat, however, ice cream with toppings is pure indulgence. Join us as we check out our top 5 favourite toppings!


Butterscotch Sauce

1. Butterscotch Sauce

An instant classic. A golden-brown thick liquid that oozes its way around your ice cream. If anything defined the term indulgence, it is this. This super smooth sauce blends perfectly with ice cream, creating a texture to die for. Best way to enjoy? Go rich and thick with some Baskin Robbins Gold Medal Ribbon and filled with butterscotch sauce to the brim, oh and eyes wide shut!



2. Strawberries

How could we not have a fruity topping on the list? T’is the season for Strawberries. This juicy red fruit is great for adding an extra level of sweetness to the mix. The best part? It goes brilliantly with just about any chocolate ice cream of ours. We suggest pairing it up with Baskin Robbins Belgian Bliss. If you’re an absolute strawberry lover, have it with some classic Baskin Robbins Very Berry Strawberry ice cream!



3. Oreos

Either broken up into pieces with the cream inside or ground into a dark sweet dust. There are many ways to enjoy this classic biscuit. Great taste, great crunch. What’s not to love? Oreos are awesome when looking to add some crispy crunchiness to your ice cream. This topping goes best with Baskin Robbins Vanilla.



4. Gems

The great thing about ice cream and toppings is that they are infinitely customizable. There’s nothing like some cold crunchy chocolate to cut through the ice cream. Even better, there’s loads of different chocolates you can put in there. Try this with Baskin Robbins Three Cheers Chocolate.


Bananas N’ Strawberries

5. Wheat Crispies

If you’re looking to add some pure crispiness, Wheat Crispies are your answer. This topping is great to add an extra bit of delight, it works a treat with the texture. Every one of our flavours tastes great with this topping. Try it out with Baskin Robbins Banana 'N Strawberries.

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